setembro 29, 2011

My aunt's wedding

I have recently been invited to my aunt's wedding in my hometown, Brasília. They married here in Brazil and also in USA. It was a simple and beautiful ceremony. And a super party. We celebrate and dance all night long. I have a blast. I am wearing a deep plum dress and nude laced heels.

David, granny Elza and aunt Mirtes.

David, I and aunt Mirtes.
Mommy (in red), daddy (in suit) and my uncles.

Sister Tammara, my niece Maria Clara, cousin Valeska and her son Gustavo.
Sis Tammy, Keka and me.
Cousins and me.
Cousins May, Pablo, Debora and me.
Aunt Mirtes tossing the bouquet!! All the single ladies put your hands up!!!
Granny Elza. Isn't she the cutest lady in the world?
Everybody's dancing...
all night long...
like nobody's watching...
...including me.

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