outubro 15, 2013

Am I a sketch?

Today I was having a little fun sketching...  I have this idea of using them in my sets on Polyvore. Hahahhaa 

Croqui meine-libelle

julho 31, 2013

Wednesday Food: Misto Quente

As you already seen it, I’m obsessed with grilled sandwiches (here we call it "Misto Quente"), in all forms, and this simple Grilled Cheese, is one of my all time favorite sandwich recipes. I top it off with my favorite ingredient combinations: Cheese, bread, butter and oregano, but feel free to modify, add and subtract toppings as you please. I grill it in a frying pan, so simple an easy to make. It`s delicious! 

 ♥ Tatiana

Travel: sneak peek

Just a quick update: I was traveling w/ my family to Paraíba state, João Pessoa is called the city where the sun rises first, as it is the easternmost city in the Americas at 34º47'38"W, 7º9'28"S. The easternmost point, there, is known as Ponta do Seixas. Looking forward to share with you guys some nice photos of the nice place we stayed - a condo right by Paraíba
´s Jacumã Beach, in Conde city - and the beautiful beaches we visited. 

And to introduce my lazy-crazy-sweet little cat: Samira

 ♥ Tatiana

junho 26, 2013

Wednesday Food: Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich

A quick post for today. Wednesday Food: Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Everytime I got lazy I go for a sandwich, it so delicious and easy. I like to toast the bread as well, I toast it on a frying pan . A little trick that I do is to take a garlic tooth and scrub it on the bread to add more flavor. I also add oregano and basil with the cheese and tomato - I used a cherry tomato. Hope you enjoy!

2 slices white bread
1 or 2 cherry tomatoes - sliced (it depends on the size)
2 slices of mozzarella (or your favorite cheese)
1 bunch of fresh basil leaves 
1 tooth of garlic
butter (just enough to cover one side of a slice of bread)

Scrub 1 side of a slice of bread with the garlic tooth. Preheat skillet over medium heat. Generously butter one side of a slice of bread (do the same with the second slice). Place bread butter-side down onto skillet and add the cheese, tomato, oregano and basil. Place the second slice of bread butter-side up on top of sandwich. Grill until lightly browned and flip over, repeat until cheese is melted.

junho 25, 2013

Dream On...

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I made this idea board a few months ago and posted in my Pinterest board: Bathroom ::: Banheiro. I Like to think that when I have my house, I will have the budget to make my Master bathroom big, white, bright, luxurious and elegant. Even if I end up w/ a small bathroom, I will add some glamour touches. 

I love Carrara marble: countertops, wet area, half of the walls, herringbone pattern tiles for floors... White cabinets or mirrored ones... Ceramic stools, ceramic taps. LOVE the freestanding pedestal bathtub and the ceiling shower... Venetian mirrors, mirror on mirror, sconces on mirror... Gorgeous bathroom accessories and clear chandeliers.

A girl can dream, right? And if I'm lucky and work hard {bahahaha} someday I will have my dream bathroom!

 ♥ Tatiana

junho 18, 2013

O gigante acordou!

"This is a communal cry saying: 'We're not satisfied!'," Maria Claudia Cardoso told the Associated Press news agency.
"For many years, the government has been feeding corruption, people are demonstrating against the system," Graciela Cacador told Reuters news agency.
"We don't have good schools for our kids. Our hospitals are in awful shape. Corruption is rife. These protests will make history and wake our politicians up to the fact we're not taking it anymore," she said.
"We need better education, hospitals and security, not billions spent on the World Cup," said one mother who attended the Sao Paulo march with her daughter.
"We're a rich country with a lot of potential but the money doesn't go to those who need it most," 26-year-old photographer Manoela Chiabai told the Associated Press.

Giuliana Valloni, from Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil's biggest daily newspaper), that got shot in the eye with rubber bullets. "I saw him aiming at me, but I never thought he would fire, because I had (policemen) aiming at me before that night. You'll never think that an armed guy in uniform will ever shoot you in the face." She said.
This old lady was shot when passing by at the time of the protest. She was not in the protest, but they (The Police) didn't care, they're enjoying their abuse of power and brutality.

And this image of cruelty and cowardliness of the police officer was what gave me courage to go to the streets, to join the protests.


junho 17, 2013

Blush + burgundy + mint = thanks Anjo!

I decided to share some of the photos of the clothes G gave me as a gift for "Dia dos Namorados", like I told you in the last post. While on my way to the fitting room, I saw other pieces that I liked, but when I tried on, some of them didn't fit as well as I thought they would be. Although I wish I had pick up the tweed jacket w/ faux leather trim, the striped silk blouse and the skirt (I could easily made a few alterations on the waist) I couldn't afford purchase any of them at the time and didn't want to add more pieces to my - already great - gift. I  just wanted to share with you guys. So I ended up choosing 3 pieces as my gift: this silk blush blouse, the burgundy pants and the mint jacket. Sorry for the low quality photo. I also apologize for the ugliness of took all the photos in my socks, I forgot to to put back my shoes.  

junho 13, 2013

love you

Yesterday, June 12, was Dia dos namorados  - ours Valentine's day. The date that us Brazilian people celebrate lovers, love and romance. 

The night before we had a yogurt and blackberry smoothie and watched a movie together, cuddling on the couch. The next morning, my sweet sweet sweet boyfriend took me to shopping and let me choose what I want for my gift, I mean gifts. He spoil me so much, but if he doesn't  do it won't make a difference on how I love and care about him.

Love him with all my heart, he make me a better person. And I want to spend my whole life with him. 

Anjolino: - Feliz Dia dos Namorados!! Voce me faz a pessoa mais feliz desse mundo todos os dias! TE AMO. Para sempre sua Anjolina.  ♥ ♥  

junho 09, 2013

Wish List: Shorts

Wish List: Shorts

I want some shorts in basic colors and bold colors too... I often buy them mostly in pastels, candy colors. I'm a sucker for lace and girly shapes, but I also want some shorts with something edgy: like an asymmetric hem or a big print. ♥ I like stripes, polka-dots, florals, mix of patterns and prints. Lace over print, bows, sequins, quilted... many many choices. Some skorts are welcome too (I like this one from Zara).

Stella mccartney    

Carven cotton shorts

Joie shorts

Thakoon Addition hot pants


Anna & Boy short shorts

Anna Sui lace shorts
$295 - net-a-porter.com

Theory skirt

Alice Olivia alice olivia

J Crew j crew

French connection

J Crew j crew

Black shorts


Madewell cotton shorts


Uniqlo denim shorts

Dorothy Perkins short shorts


Rare london
$39 - rarelondon.com

Parisian floral shorts
$39 - newlook.com

Parisian sequin shorts
$39 - newlook.com

Parisian sequin shorts
$39 - newlook.com

Miss Real highwaisted shorts
$36 - newlook.com

18 and East scalloped shorts
$31 - newlook.com

Grey shorts
$23 - newlook.com