novembro 24, 2011

Fly like an angel

Well, today is thanksgiving there, and you guys will be celebrating but I'll celebrate something important too because tomorrow is my birthday. YAY. However sunday is the test I was studying for. I'm so excited for my birthday, but I'm a little anxious because of the test. The test will be in my hometown, and I'll be with my family over the weekend, which is great, as it will help me get rid of stress. I'm happy because I can eat Grandma's food and give her lots of hugs and kisses.


Here in Brazil it's spring, almost summer, some days are hot and others a gentle breeze. We're already wearing clothes lighter and easier, to tolerate the high temperatures with summer approaching.

    Samira - my cat - always want to participate in all I do.

Tank top - C&A 
Shorts - Rosangela modas
Bag - 25 de março
Flats -  gift from my boyfriend, Gabriel - Calçados Ana Paula
Necklace, pearl and strass bracelets - made by me
sequin bracelets - gift from a friend, Priscila Groti

novembro 21, 2011

The tale of two buffys

I'm watching a new series called Ringer and I love it. Besides the intriguing story line. The best of the series are the clothes, accessories, make up and hairstyles of the main character, Shioban, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. I took some prints to show here a few of the costumes worn by the character.

 I don't own any of these photos. All Rights Reserved to The CW ©2011 The CW Network.

novembro 17, 2011

Brasilia Skies

Gabriel and I went to my hometown, Brasília .DC to spend some quality time with my family. It was Carnival, a national holiday. I do not enjoy the samba festivals and carnival parties, but of course I like the holiday because of the days off, for tripping and resting, in the company of my boyfriend. My aunt took us to a little tourist ride because was Gabriel first time at the capital, right after our plane landed we go to the Esplanada to visit and see the Cathedral, the tower, the Congress, etc. The weather did not decided it was rainy, cloudy or sunny.  On Sundays around the Brasília tower has a fair, with furniture, clothes, crafts and of course, lots of food.

Cathedral of Brasília.

National Congress.

The Cultural Complex.

The National Theater.

The view from the top of the tower.
The view from the top of the tower.

The Brasilia tower.

novembro 10, 2011

Food: So many Pastel

The other day, Gabriel and I went to the bakery, named Marilia de Dirceu, near his home. We ate "pastel", which is a fried dough stuffed with cheese and other tasty things. I don't how you guys call it there, but here in Brazil we call it PASTEL. And I love it so much!!

Gabriel took a picture right before we get into the elevator. I found it interesting,
despite my akward don't know what to do pose.

I tried to take a picture of us with my camera's timer, but it didn't work at all. After 3 attempts, this was the least worst.

The filling was cheese and palmetto.
It was delicious!!
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As for my outfit, I want to keep casual, so I wore jeans, a sweater and for a color detail, under the sweater, a red collar blouse with polka dots. Sorry about the quick post and the lack of updates but I'm still busy-busy studying for the test. I promise to post more often.  xo Tati