maio 17, 2012

Clara turned 6

I apologize for letting the blog without updates, it is because I am very busy with my commitments I'll try to keep this page updated more often. Now that's a lie... Well Gabriel would say that, wouldn't he?.

Well, in January it was the birthday of my niece, Maria Clara. She lives in Parana, southern Brazil and I went there to help my sister with the party preparations. We did all the decorating ourselves, including the fake cake made ​​of biscuit, - hate that cake, can't stand even look at it hahaha darnnn biscuit. We had less than a month, and I had never done anything like that. We suffer and struggle but in the end everything worked out. We decide to do a simple pink ballerina theme, because Clara is a ballerina herself - sooocute. Keep it simple because it was easier and also because it was a more intimate party. Hope you enjoy. Here are some photos:

 She loves to jump.
 With her aunt and uncle: me and Gabriel.
 With her cousin Junior.
Time sure flies...

maio 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Dedico este post para minha mae, avózinha, tias, irmãs e primas que são mamães. Eu ainda não sou mãe, mas Gabriel e eu já estamos planejando ter nosso primeiro bebê em 2014. Se tudo der certo, claro. 

Feliz Dia das Mães para vocês!!! Espero que todos comemorem este dia com suas mães e familias!
I dedicate this post to my mom, grandma, aunts, sisters and cousins ​​who are moms. I'm not a mother YET, but Gabriel and I are already planning to have our first baby in 2014. If all goes well, of course.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!! Hope you all enjoy this special day with your mother and families!

Essa aqui é a minha mãe. ::: This is my mom.