maio 17, 2012

Clara turned 6

I apologize for letting the blog without updates, it is because I am very busy with my commitments I'll try to keep this page updated more often. Now that's a lie... Well Gabriel would say that, wouldn't he?.

Well, in January it was the birthday of my niece, Maria Clara. She lives in Parana, southern Brazil and I went there to help my sister with the party preparations. We did all the decorating ourselves, including the fake cake made ​​of biscuit, - hate that cake, can't stand even look at it hahaha darnnn biscuit. We had less than a month, and I had never done anything like that. We suffer and struggle but in the end everything worked out. We decide to do a simple pink ballerina theme, because Clara is a ballerina herself - sooocute. Keep it simple because it was easier and also because it was a more intimate party. Hope you enjoy. Here are some photos:

 She loves to jump.
 With her aunt and uncle: me and Gabriel.
 With her cousin Junior.
Time sure flies...

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  1. I will definitely get some photos of the house up ASAP!:) Thank you so much for following... I apologize it has taken so long, I'm such a perfectionist:)


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