julho 31, 2013

Wednesday Food: Misto Quente

As you already seen it, I’m obsessed with grilled sandwiches (here we call it "Misto Quente"), in all forms, and this simple Grilled Cheese, is one of my all time favorite sandwich recipes. I top it off with my favorite ingredient combinations: Cheese, bread, butter and oregano, but feel free to modify, add and subtract toppings as you please. I grill it in a frying pan, so simple an easy to make. It`s delicious! 

 ♥ Tatiana

Travel: sneak peek

Just a quick update: I was traveling w/ my family to Paraíba state, João Pessoa is called the city where the sun rises first, as it is the easternmost city in the Americas at 34º47'38"W, 7º9'28"S. The easternmost point, there, is known as Ponta do Seixas. Looking forward to share with you guys some nice photos of the nice place we stayed - a condo right by Paraíba
´s Jacumã Beach, in Conde city - and the beautiful beaches we visited. 

And to introduce my lazy-crazy-sweet little cat: Samira

 ♥ Tatiana