junho 18, 2013

O gigante acordou!

"This is a communal cry saying: 'We're not satisfied!'," Maria Claudia Cardoso told the Associated Press news agency.
"For many years, the government has been feeding corruption, people are demonstrating against the system," Graciela Cacador told Reuters news agency.
"We don't have good schools for our kids. Our hospitals are in awful shape. Corruption is rife. These protests will make history and wake our politicians up to the fact we're not taking it anymore," she said.
"We need better education, hospitals and security, not billions spent on the World Cup," said one mother who attended the Sao Paulo march with her daughter.
"We're a rich country with a lot of potential but the money doesn't go to those who need it most," 26-year-old photographer Manoela Chiabai told the Associated Press.

Giuliana Valloni, from Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil's biggest daily newspaper), that got shot in the eye with rubber bullets. "I saw him aiming at me, but I never thought he would fire, because I had (policemen) aiming at me before that night. You'll never think that an armed guy in uniform will ever shoot you in the face." She said.
This old lady was shot when passing by at the time of the protest. She was not in the protest, but they (The Police) didn't care, they're enjoying their abuse of power and brutality.

And this image of cruelty and cowardliness of the police officer was what gave me courage to go to the streets, to join the protests.


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