junho 06, 2013

Wish List - Coats & Jackets

Wish List - Coats & Jackets

Wish List - Coats & Jackets by tatianaaraujo featuring a tweed jacket

Wish List: Coats and Jackets

1 Striped jacket 2 Peach jacket 3 Beige leather jacket 4 Cognac leather jacket (must be faux leather though, don't like the idea of using animal skin) 5 Light blue tweed jacket 6 Black blazer (I want in several colors actually  7 Peach tweed jacket 8 White blazer 9 trimmed blazer 10 Modern tweed jacket 11 Green trench coat 12 Coral trench coat 13 White or ivory trench coat 14 Camel short trench coat 15 Gray trench coat.

*16  Other jacket types that I want: 

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