novembro 10, 2011

Food: So many Pastel

The other day, Gabriel and I went to the bakery, named Marilia de Dirceu, near his home. We ate "pastel", which is a fried dough stuffed with cheese and other tasty things. I don't how you guys call it there, but here in Brazil we call it PASTEL. And I love it so much!!

Gabriel took a picture right before we get into the elevator. I found it interesting,
despite my akward don't know what to do pose.

I tried to take a picture of us with my camera's timer, but it didn't work at all. After 3 attempts, this was the least worst.

The filling was cheese and palmetto.
It was delicious!!
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As for my outfit, I want to keep casual, so I wore jeans, a sweater and for a color detail, under the sweater, a red collar blouse with polka dots. Sorry about the quick post and the lack of updates but I'm still busy-busy studying for the test. I promise to post more often.  xo Tati

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  1. Those pastels look delicious, but really I love anything with cheese. Oh and that collar is so cute, love the polka dots.

    xo erica


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