outubro 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This photo is old but I love my hair in this haircut.

It's so hard to start to study with all this temptations. New photos on my favorites blogs, food and PSP games. XD
My siamese cat Samira trying to catch some cute black/white bug on my books.
"Almost there..." She's thinking... XD
I saved the bug.  It's so cute and weird at the same time.
Pessoas queridas que leem meu blog, desculpe estar ausente por tantos dias. Estou bastante ocupada com minhas aulas práticas de direção. =/  E estou estudando pra um concurso público no mês que vem. Quero muito passar, me desejem sorte. Obrigada!!
I'm sorry that i've been so distant from the blog lately, I've just been really stressed out about a number of things. First of all, I'm learning to drive. Learning to drive can be an exciting experience, but for me in particular was a stressfull experience because my first lesson was a disaster. My instructor told me that I was good for the first time and that I will become more familiarised with the basic controls and get more confidence. I'm on my 4th driving lesson but I'm still so stressed and feeling anxious everytime that I go behind  the wheel. I hope it will get better. Second I'm studying for a big test next month. I’m applying to a position in a public bank's media. Wish me luck guys. Thanks!!

Happy Halloween bloggers!!
We don't use to celebrate Halloween, in Brazil, but I like all about the holiday. So I decided to leave here one of my favorites songs from one of my childhood favorites movies: Hocus Pocus, with Sarah Jessica Parker.  
Click on the purple smile:

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  1. ♥♥♥We love your hair too in the first photo ♥♥♥

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  2. Samira is beautiful and that bug is so cute, I would have saved him too. Hope the driving lessons get better girl :)

    xo erica


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